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Marketing is my career, but psychology is my passion (and my education).

I’m deeply interested in the intersection between humans and technology and all of the psychological and ethical twists and turns that can take. Media manipulation, media literacy, and the impact of AI on the world is another subject that is worth studying deeply.

I’m hoping you love learning as much as I do. I’ll be posting an eclectic mix of topics I’m studying, including psychology, artificial intelligence, innovation, human-tech augmentation and automation, neuroscience, neuromarketing, and more.

I encourage healthy but respectful debate in the comments – the beauty of learning lies in expanding our knowledge together.

That said, comments are moderated so be human and helpful at all times. Abuse will be deleted and repeat offenders will be removed from the site.

If you want the following week’s main topic early, as well as a summary news articles that have peaked our interest, sign up for our weekly newsletter here. (Edited to “periodic” newsletter because the grad school reading load is no joke)

I’m glad you’re here! Now let’s learn something new together…

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