PsyberSpace Podcast Episode 2: Thinking Fast and Slow

Mind Media Tech Double Circles
Mind Media Tech Double Circles

Harnessing Fast and Slow Thinking in the Digital Age

In this episode of Cyberspace, host Leslie Postin explores key concepts from Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, to understand how our cognitive processes, specifically System 1 and System 2 thinking, impact various aspects of our digital and real-world experiences. System 1 is characterized by fast, automatic responses, while System 2 involves more deliberate and analytical thought processes. The episode delves into how these systems influence our interaction with social media, decision-making, consumer behavior, political discourse, information handling, cybersecurity, education, mental health, and more. Through examining these concepts, the show aims to provide insights into improving personal decision-making and fostering a more thoughtful society. Leslie Postin encourages listeners to recognize when they are using System 1 or System 2 thinking and to strive for a balance between the two to navigate the complexities of modern life more effectively.

00:00 Welcome to Cyberspace: An Introduction
00:19 Exploring Kahneman’s Cognitive Insights
00:48 The Dynamics of Fast and Slow Thinking
02:16 Social Media Through the Lens of Fast Thinking
03:12 Analyzing Information in the Digital Age
03:44 Marketing, Crises, and Political Discourse: System One at Work
05:33 Online Identities and Cybersecurity: The Role of Cognitive Systems
07:15 Education, Mental Health, and Consumer Behavior Insights
08:40 Challenging Cultural Biases and Enhancing Decision Making
10:10 Applying Kahneman’s Theories in the Workplace and Beyond
11:45 Conclusion: The Importance of Balancing Fast and Slow Thinking


Next week we’re going to dig into some deeper, tougher topics on PsyberSpace, so you definitely won’t want to miss it! We’ll be dropping new episodes every Monday.


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